The future is coming

DISRUPTIVE TECHNOLOGY is one that displaces an established technology and shakes up the industry or a ground-breaking product that creates a completely new industry.

The biggest changes of the digital era with its artificial intelligence are not far away. Microsoft has a tool which helps companies to find out whether they are ready for upcoming disruptive transformations. 
We created commercial teasers and banners for Microsoft to promote its product.


created for wings4u

MS disruptive technologies-prefin-09 (2)MS disruptive technologies-prefin-09 (2)
MS disruptive technologies-prefin-11MS disruptive technologies-prefin-11
MS disruptive technologies-prefin-14MS disruptive technologies-prefin-14
MS disruptive technologies-prefin-11 (2)MS disruptive technologies-prefin-11 (2)
MS disruptive technologies-prefin-09MS disruptive technologies-prefin-09
MS disruptive technologies-prefin-12MS disruptive technologies-prefin-12
MS disruptive technologies-prefin-10 (2)MS disruptive technologies-prefin-10 (2)
MS disruptive technologies-prefin-10MS disruptive technologies-prefin-10

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