Process for creating an animated video

Have you ever thought about an animated video? Each one is unique; yet all are cooked up in the same way. That's why we've prepared for you a list of the ingredients that are included in making every video: so you know what to expect.

Before getting to work, we will ask you a number of questions: who will watch your video? What information, emotion or impressions do we wish to relay to the viewer? Why? What is your motivation for creating the video? Essentially, we will ask you about anything that can impact the final result. Brief 1 5 Based on the visual style that we agree on, the script will receive the graphic design treatment. Using a series of images, we will visualize that story for the video. Storyboard 9 Once everything is just perfect, we will hand over the finalized video to you in the needed format. Delivery As soon as we agree on the story and its structure, we can establish the scope of the work and then give you an idea of the initial time and financial commitment that will have to be made. Budget 3 Lets get to work on whipping up the visual style. We create illustrations with previews or samples of how the film (video) style will actually look. Typically, we choose one scene and then we show several options for how it could be developed. Frame style 4 We record the voice segment in a recording studio. You can opt for a deep, male, action-packed, female or playful voice. It can sound like James Earl Jones from the CNN tagline or the childish commentary of Bart Simpson. Choice of voice depends on multiple factors, including the target audience for the resulting video. Voiceover 6 We’ve completed our storyboard and have the voice recording. All ingredients necessary for this magical moment – the animation – have been assembled. Up to now, we were just getting ready. The actual animation is the most labor-intensive part of the entire project. Animation 7 The final "cherry on top" is sound design. Properly-chosen music spiced up with just a small pinch of interesting sound effects gives any animation a completely new dimension. Sound design 8 The basic ingredient of any good video is an enticing script. If the viewer gets drawn in by the actual storyline, then half the battle is already won. We will create a script (a text version of the video) for you: this will be the main ingredient in your video dish. Script 2 A

How do you get started?

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